Saturday, November 30, 2013

Round Robin - Full Circle

My doll from the Hot Flash! Community Round Robin arrived on my doorstep this morning. She started her tour of the country back in April (2013) as a patchwork oval with a neck and an empty middle. I packed this torso and a journal in a box and sent her on her way. This piece is about 8 inches tall.

She spent one month with each of 7 other women, who read what I had written in her journal, added their own creativity and thoughtfulness, and each added something to the doll. She has received a head and a broken heart which is mending. There are some who claim she is starting to speak - I happen to know she is starting to sing!

She received a hand positioned to say "I love you", a bluebird of happiness nesting in a rose, and to rejoice in her singing, she was given 2 dancers.

She sits in a nest that also contains a bowl of blessings, an scroll containing and Indian prayer and batik strip prayer flags.

I absolutely love this doll. From her humble beginnings, to this spectacular result - travelling for seven months, visiting with seven talented, giving women. Thank you ladies!